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Capcom isn't sure if people care much about the brand anymore. So rather then get mad I'm taking the chance to look back at my top 25 characters from Megaman! And I ask my friends and fellow blue bomber fans to join in and give a small reason why you love the character. Oh if you can't list 25, go to 15 or to your top 10. Can't pick between a character well make them share a spot I know a few characters will be sharing a spot. Just explain why. If you can draw then draw them that be cool, or just make a little list like me. Lets just have some fun. I tag right now, my friend Emp my friend Sol I also challenge saiyan and I might ask more to try this too later. Feel free to spread this around.

25: Green Biker Dude
Oh Green Biker Dude where would the Megaman fan base be without you? If you don't know who this epic character is, go play Megaman X2.

24: Iris and Iris. exe
I lump these two together cause well one did become the bases of the other. Iris both are just there to be girls and emotional characters for me. They do their job well I just don't really care for that job much compared to others.

23: Giro
Wow never thought Giro be so low on the list. I really like the guy he's a huge driving force for Megaman ZX. Maybe if we got a mission or two where he helped us directly or even learnt more about him but all and all he is just there to be Old Ben Kenobi or Spider-man's uncle Ben, or even Zero. Die to inspired.

22: Protoman
Sadly I am not a fan of classic Megaman games. Their good but just kinda lack something for me. My fav is Megaman 7 which many see as the worst game of the classic family. Protoman is the cool mysterious older brother that is going to die cause his core is to hard to fix or something. Really I don't get why he's always away or why he wants to play lone wolf. Stay and help it will fix things. Still the shades, scarf and whistle are badass.

21: Bass
The evil dark clone of Megaman Wily built to crush Megaman. Who's about as loyal to Wily as nerds are to Star Wars episode 2. I over all like Bass it is just I can't seem to get behind him. I like his gameplay in the few games you can use him but I don't know something keeps him so low.

20: Colonel. exe
Colonel is here cause of that blood epic cape! What I'm a sucker for cool capes. Oh and ummmmm he's a fun boss fight and fun character to us.

19: Teisel Bonne
Here cause while he makes me laugh I found his first apperance generally very weak and never did like his character design.

18: Gate
Gate oh Gate oh Gate. He's the one tue villain from the X games to have his plans hijacked by Ganon I mean Sigma. His boss fight is so different from other boss, his look is cool his motives really work for me. I just wish there was more Gate.

17:  Megaman X
Wow X is low on my list isn't he? Not that I hate him far from it, it is just X's ideals and way of making peace confuse me. Only through my friend Sol Strike can I actually say I see X as a good character. Everyone else on this list I just understand why they do what they do. X is great he'd actually be higher up but for some reason he found himself so low.

16: Aile/Vent
X done right! While I rather the look of Aile Vent does look cool in ZX Advent but I don't know Aile is my preferred Megaman of the ZX games. It is nice to finally see characters affected by mavericks rather then people talked about where mavericks have done stuff to them.

15: Kraft
Ah Kraft an often forgotten character from the Zero games. Like with Colonel his epic cape gives him bonus points but unlike Colonel his theme music is just stuck in my head at all times waiting to burst out. The boss fight is really good too one of the few boss that I can perfect on and feel like it was a good challenge. Okay not his rematch but still a fun boss. I also like how his story kinda mirrors Zero when it comes to loving or caring for a human.

14: Vile
Oh me oh my I love fight Vile, can you tell boss fights are good way to make it on my list. Vile's fights get better each time he appears. His character is basicly a lose cannon blowing crap out and laughing the whole time. While often nothing more then Sigma's grunt I ended up enjoying Vile more then I really should. Keep meaning to play the PSP game so I can use him.

13: Fariy Leviathan
A female clone of X that uses ice and makes ice dragons?! What is not to love?! Wait she's semi villain semi heroic oh even better. I bet she is really fun to...oh I beat her already. Dammit.

12: Hidden Phantom
Oh sweet an X clone that is a loyal ninja that acts and fights like a ninja. I bet we'll be seeing a lot wait did he just kill himself to kill me? Crap he did kill me dammit!

11: Sage Harpuia
Wow this guy isn't great an X clone that flies around and I can't tell the gender. Oh he is a guy, nice going with the name and voice Capcom. Wait he knows he's doing the wrong thing for the right reasons. Do go on. He helps me? Oh okay I can get behind him. Wait wasn't there a fourth guardian....what was his name?

10: Omega
HOLY CRAP THIS GUY IS HUGE! Oh wait he gets bigger. Is that arm made of X and the other Zero. Don't swing that huge sword. Oh yay he blew up end of...holy crap he's me! BEST BOSS FIGHT EVER! No really that's it the boss fight puts him at ten!

9: Dr. Wily
The made doctor that started it all. While I said I don't like Classic Megaman that much Wily is the spark that started so much. I recall the cartoon with him, I love him in the comics and Manga. Wily is just the perfect mad doctor. When I think evil genius he and Dr. Eggman spring to mind for good reasons.

8: Dr. Ciel
When I think of genius working to save people Ciel comes to mind right away. She also has X's hate of war but actually comes across much better then X. Least to me. She really hates fighting and it saddens her to ask anyone to fight. How she cares to Zero feels real as well.

7: Megaman Voluntt
Oh hey a Blue Bomber wasn't this list about them? Yeah I love Legends and I only ever played the N64 port of Legends 1. Now I could go on for hours about why I want Legends 3 but I'll just say this redesign of Megaman really worked for me. I love his look with or without helmet. With his different weapon arms and his wide eye look on the world suits his character.

6: Tron Bonne
On Miss Tron I found you so funny in Legends and I loved the bosses you built for me to fight. Your also pretty epic in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. What more can I say but you're a blast!

5: Copy X
Wait a fifth clone of X? One that has crossed the line X was always scared he would? Sweet. This is my fav version of Megaman, a dark twisted almost perverse version of the hero. Born to be X but failing to see he's anything but the legendary hero. Copy kills logically for the betterment of everyone. Sure it is the short cut but he feels it all is needed.

4: Roll Casket
Wow another from Legends? Yeah this if my fav Roll, I always think of her when anyone says Roll, even do a Barrel Roll. No I kid but she is how I picture Roll, helpful, smart, funny and kinda a techy. My fav scene in Legends 1 is her fixing the boat she just starts at it without asking if she could. She's always going forward never looking back. Well I can't say that for sure I only saw Legends 2 once a long long time ago.

3: Dr. Weil
The perfect nemesis for Zero. A mad man who is just after revenge. Twisted revenge to the whole world. He goes on and on about how it is truly human to want to rule and crush others. His speeches are the best villain speeches in Megaman history. And he caused X to die/become a cyber elf, stole Zero's body and took over Neo Arcadia. He's the only villain to win almost everything he does. That alone would put him in the top five but the one time you fight him while not a great fight is still damn epic.

2: Bass. exe
Take the classic Bass. Fix his helmet, add a tattered old cape, make him insane and insanely powerful and you have the one reason why I stayed with Battle Network. The gameplay was kinda fun and I rather liked some of the stories but over all is a weak series but Bass oh man he's so bloody epic he sold 6 games to me. Well 5 cause the first one I tried for fun and after learning his was a boss in each that was cool.

1: Zero, Megaman Zero and Zero. exe
Oh yeah the Crimson Hunter, the God of Destruction and the epic hero of Legend Zero. Zero is my all time fav character of Megaman and one of if not my top fav character from gaming and one of my fav from all fictional stories. The dude can somehow watch a dragon robot upper cut and learn how to do a upwards fry slash. He can watch a robotic shark throw anchors and learn how to turn a beam sword into a solid metal buster sword. What about that is not epic. The Zero games are the best, playing as Zero in X was my fav part and his counterpart in Battle Network looks damn epic and scary. I can go on and on about Zero. Look any game Zero is in I buy good or bad.
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