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  • Mood: Miserable
  • Listening to: Any Megaman soundtrack I can find
  • Reading: News articles.
  • Watching: To Boldly Flee
  • Playing: Transformers Fall of Cybertron
  • Eating: Cookies
  • Drinking: Coca-Cola
Words are lost since Megaman Legends 3 was cancelled Capcom has had nothing good to say about Megaman. A game for the phone will be the last Megaman ever gets? Capcom says due to all the sub series they can't make anything else. I haven't been this wounded in years. Sure I was sadden by the cancel of Legends 3, little mad too cause that was why I bought the 3DS, I got over it after some good fun with the 3DS but now to hear that the very reason I love Megaman is why they can't make anymore is ....the worst. I never played much of classic Megaman it was X and Zero series that got me in. I loved Legends 1, always wanted to play Legends 2. I loved Battle Network, I adored ZX for it being like X and Zero. Sure Star Force was bad I never played more then one game got so bored and walked away but now I want to go out and buy all the Star Force games sit in the dark and beat them. Megaman and more so Zero where my childhood. When I was a brat I had Megaman when I could understand stories I had X, when I was in my dark depressed set I had Zero series to make me feel stronger. ZX was there to make me look back at my life so far and go, wasn't all bad. Now to learn no more to come that if I never have a kid or something I can't journey with them through new Megaman games. Maybe this is only temp, maybe this is just bad news or something but if it is true I've been hurt worse then any other news about a show, game or movie. This is worse then Indian Jones 4, makes me love Transformers 2 for at least trying to keep Transformers alive. What about Megaman....who's going to save the blue bomber and his friends? Zero, Bass, Copy, Wily, X, Proto, childhood really is gone. I hope I hope I'm over reacting to nothing or someone at Capcom was speaking their mind and not for the company but lately I just don't know. If Megaman is going away who's next? Will Mario be the only gaming hero to last? Other series seem to be weakening or am I over thinking all of this to much. After all they are just games.....just games that taught me more about being who I am then books or school. Almost makes you want to start drinking.…
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Submitted on
September 10, 2012