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  • Listening to: That Guy with the Glasses CD
  • Reading: Megaman fan comics
  • Watching: Dog Days
  • Playing: Transformers Fall of Cybertron
  • Eating: Ice cream
  • Drinking: Tang
Well things are on the up and up. Minus the heat lately I've got no major problems. Well I am going to have to miss out of a Sci-Fi, gaming and anime con but that's cause I started a new job and they need me for that weekend. However as I have a job I'm happy to miss a little fun if that means stable pay, able to buy my own food and games again rather then mooch totally off my parents. I still live with them but going to keep my eyes peeled for a nice cheap place, might have to wait a while due to the housing mark and the fact I'm only a part timer but hey a job a job and one needs to dream big to live big. Rping online is good, saving up for RE6 and then saving up for the Wii-U. Even with no Megaman I can still make it through.
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Submitted on
September 22, 2012