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I remember the first time I met the big lug. Cain's assistants where buzzing about talking about another android. I had came by to visit Cain and the early reploids. I tried to visit them whenever I could but being around Cain's lab always ended with an intern wanting to open me up to figure out the who built me.

Anyway I had came for a visit and over heard the young doctors. Using a key Cain gave me I went strait into his lab only to find him working at a red reploid. At first I thought he was building another female reploid but once I saw the face I could tell it was clearly meant to be male. Through with that hair and figure it was easy to understand my confusion. The other odd thing was the reploid was online while Cain was working on him which wasn't how Cain did it.

"Oh great another nerd wants to poke and prod my insides! I should start charging you people". His voice carried with him a kinda too cool for anyone tone. He rolled his blue eyes and seemed to sigh a bit.

With a chuckle Cain explained that I wasn't a doctor here though I was welcome to a job here if I wanted. Finishing up Cain closed up the back of this android and checked the clock. Excusing himself to get his heart medication he asked me to keep the android company not wanting him to be left alone.

The machine in red armour started looking me over and then smirked. "Oh so you're an android too. Had me fooled for a second."

That was a first most of the time I had to prove to people and even reploids when they first met me that I wasn't human. My creator put a lot of effort and care into my body and skin so I could fit in much better with humans. This guy however could tell right away and those blue eyes where judging me, at first I thought he was judging my figure but now years later he was judging my strength and combat abilities just by sight.

After a few minutes I asked him who was he. "Only thing I know is that my name is Zero. I'm a combat android."

"Zero?" I asked him, to which he gave a nod. "Why would someone name a machine nothing". I frowned at that and the fact he had no memories beyond that. Dr. Light left a message for me, put such care into building me and sometimes in that old messages he would smile at me, like a father would to a daughter.

I always thought whoever built Zero never cared much for him. Just a number no less then a number to fight and nothing more. Zero was so much like me, an advance machine years ahead of even the current understanding of robotics and artificial intelligence. But unlike me his builder put no love into his work so Zero started off so cold and distant.

I'll never forget that day for as long as I live. Zero after looking me over and telling me his name he just stared out the window taking the world in from that small view. It was almost sad, I thought he would always be sort of a lost puppy. Then three weeks later her joined the hunters and had more friends in a week then I had in the few years I had been online. Not to mention all the girls hanging off his hunky arms. Oh that pissed me off, that and he acted like killing mavericks was no big deal.

At first he was a good pal with Vile, the two where combat machines so they got along great. I never liked Vile, Cain made him when his lab was contracted by the US military to make a war machine. Vile was the only reploid I felt shouldn't have been made. All other maverick hunters volunteered at first, Vile joined once the USA's already over blown military caved in due to poor government planning. Rather then be scrapped Cain moved him to the hunters where he took glee in shooting down his brothers and sisters.

However their friendship came apart rather quickly when Vile wanted to just bomb a building to kill a few mavericks and Zero kept trying to save people and reploids inside used as hostages. After that day Zero and Vile where often at heads. Zero kept reporting Vile and he was often locked up or punished for his over the top actions.

Soon after joining the hunters I found that Sigma had put me into a team with Zero. I hated the fighting I hated having to kill reploids. I still do it. However I came to see Zero like many hunters did as the best of the best. He rarely missed he rarely got anyone on his teams hurt and most of all he always made sure to save all he could often letting me take care of recuse work while he acted as a lone decoy against the worst odds.

We where starting to become friends. Zero took time out to mentor me on how to take a better shot and never yelled at me for not wanting to kill.

"I don't think blood stained hands would suit you very much little lady". He always said that after Sigma or Chill yelled at me for not taking the killing shot. I hated him calling me little lady at first but Zero had a habit of giving nick names to either people he respect or hated and little lady kinda grew on me. Sometimes wearing my armour I don't feel like myself, I feel ugly. His name reminded me and others that I'm a lady as well as a hunter. Then again being kind to women was something that came as natural to Zero as fighting.

That might be why I can't be sure when I started to care for him, more then a friend. However I never knew how to tell him that, he was always rushing around fighting the good fight saving someone, or being a gentleman.

Well I told him one day, a day that still haunts me at night when I'm alone. It was after Sigma had turned. Zero had found Sigma's base and had me sneak around back, likely so I wouldn't have to do much fighting. I was scared though because Sigma was the only reploid Zero never could be in training. If I ran into Sigma how could I stop him, I couldn't even fight Vile on even grounds. I promised myself that I wouldn't slow Zero down but do all I could so he could get to Sigma and stop this.

That was until Zero and Vile met up again. Like always Zero stopped me from fighting a fight he knew was over my head. Vile only laughed that damn laugh that still sends chills down my spine he taunted me only for Zero to chase him not me. Like a knight in red armour Zero dashed off to fight my fight. I stared at that door they ran too. Shaking a bit in fear till the fighting stopped. I smiled and rushed into only to see something that I thought impossible.

Zero trapped in a cage and Vile leaning out of his ride armour. With that laugh he taunted me and Zero and before I could react his armour was already batting me aside like I was ball of yarn being attacked by a lion. Crushed and beaten and about to die I was saved again by Zero. I don't know how he got out of his cage but when I heard Vile yell in surprise I looked up.

Clung to the back of the ride armour and charging his buster Zero overloaded his system and blew up the ride armour taking away Vile's advantage. But it caused his own broken body to go flying back. Worst of all Vile remained untouched from the blast and had turned his attention to Zero. Likely to finish him off out of rage. However to me it was all in slow motion. As soon as the blast went off I saw Zero fall slowly to the ground. I felt every time his body bounced along the floor with my heart. When Vile slowly lowered his cannon at Zero I don't know.

It was a flash I was standing again and blasting Vile away from him. I don't recall ever being so mad, scared and sad before. I over powered Vile. Someone I saw as nearly unstoppable I brought down with my own two hands. However Zero never made it out of that fight. Once it was over I rushed to his side.

"Not much time left." he couldn't say any louder then a whisper. He put his one good hand on my arm and then transferred his buster's power to mine. "Sorry you have to go in alone little lady". With a weak smile he looked at my crying face. "Never thought someone would cry for me".

I begged him not to die, I kept saying hold on we'll get you back to base but we both knew this was our one shot and if I left we'd never stop Sigma from killing millions. Right as his system gave out I told him how I felt and he smiled once more likely he had a stupid one liner or joke to tell me but his voice chip was dead so he mouthed something at me before those blue eyes went dim and his eyes closed.

Because of Zero I stopped Sigma, because of Zero millions where saved, because of Zero I was saved. When the fighting was over I was rewarded, cheered for praised but Zero he was forgotten. His name added to a file of fallen hunters. It made me almost sick that the real hero got nothing for it.

However the fighting didn't stop for long remains of Sigma's forces started to build factories to replace their numbers so I was forced back into combat. However I hate to admit it but I wasn't fighting for reploids or humans I was fighting for Zero. The new mavericks who called themselves the X-Hunters where gambling his parts to force me to fight them. Wanting revenge for Sigma and taunting me with Zero's remains it made me sick to my stomach.

Thinking back on those three may have been the most sick and twisted of the mavericks I've ever fought. They took glee in dangling Zero's parts around on camera for me to see, when they fought me they claimed they where saving his parts from me. Claiming he died only because I was around or I was took weak to save myself.

I did manage to get back Zero's body and it was oddly in good shape Cain said they where likely trying to fix him themselves. They wanted to turn Zero into a maverick. That thought scared me if he went maverick no one would be able to stop them. Because I could never fight him.

With Zero's body safe and sound I turned my attention to stop this second maverick war before anyone else got hurt and to make those X-Hunters pay. They weren't what I would call a easy fight but the whole time it seemed like they where leading me somewhere. My gut said to stop but I was still to mad to think right.

Well it was a trap alright but to be honest a pretty lame trap oh sure at the time the sight of Sigma being alive again scared the crap out of me but now that he's done it so often I wouldn't even be shocked to see him walking down the street yelling vague threats at me.

Getting away from that. Sigma was there standing with Zero in black armour. A really poorly made copy of Zero that thinking back on I believe had one leg shorter then the other had bigger green boobs. Not sure what says about Sigma and how he views Zero. Then again I have jokingly stuck one of my bras on Zero while he sleeps.

Oh right Zero was brought back to life by Dr. Cain and while Sigma was giving a long winded speech about how his poorly made clone of Zero was mad at me for leaving him to die the real Zero showed up and with three attacks blew up his clone. The image of Zero holding a green saber was so wonderful, that I had to glomp him on sight. He held me there for a minute while Sigma ran off.

With that he kissed me and broke a whole in the floor. "This is your fight with Sigma little lady. Hey don't worry if you need me I'll be there to save you."

He was alive and back to his old self and after jumping down after Sigma that's when I realized he kissed me. The jerk so causally stole my first kiss. Then again not like I wanted anyone else to.

When I finally landed Sigma was ready to fight though he fought and dressed like Wolverine's kid brother. It was kind sad until he become a giant wireframe head that still makes no sense to me. But after a long fight Sigma was stopped again and Zero helped me out of the hole in the floor. I was very tired so Zero carried me all the way back to the base in his arms. I knew then we'd always be there for each other.
A friend of mine [link] said she wanted to read a fan fic based off Megaman X being female getting together for Zero. So I figured I dust off my old crappy fan fic skills and give it a try. The reason battles are skimmed over is for one I didn't want to write them, two it was made for Megaman X fans and three X/Xel never really likes fighting.

Pardon the spelling and grammer mistakes this is pretty unedited and I am still dyslexic.

It's about 2292 words long.

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mrMagnarock Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh man this was a good one, got me to chuckle at some parts, this is why i like the mega man series, great story's born from great fans.
ProfessM Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Well thank you very much. I don't think this is all that great but makes me proud people liked it.
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Thank you thank you Thank you!!!! :iconbrohugplz:
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ProfessM Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
You are most welcome! I hope you got a laugh out of some of it. I wasn't sure how good it was but I'm so glad you liked it. Might make more later.
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